Great Food Services & Prospect Foods

This is the home of Great Food Services Inc. and Prospect Foods LLC. Here you can find information about our companies. You can also read news or find ways to contact our organizations.

If there is some information not provided here, you can contact us at our main office. Please visit the 'Contact Us' page for more information.

If your hoping to work in our organization, we ask that you visit the 'About Us' page and look at one of our 7 store locations. Please visit that location and ask to speak to a manager.

Great Food Services INC and Prospect Foods LLC are equal opportunity employers and there are many opportunities for advancement inside our organizations.

Great Food Services operates as a franchisee of Burger King Corporation.

Great Foods Services operates 5 locations in the Charlotte, area.

Jacqueline G. Ford, Owner

Prospect Foods operates as a franchisee of Burger King Corporation.

Prospect Foods operates 2 locations in the Hillsbourgh/Chapel Hill area.

Kelvin Ford, Owner